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Olicom another company appearing at this year’s RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai

Olicom were founded in March 2016 by their mother company Shenzhen Pu Ying, they are another company which will be appearing at this year’s RemaxWorld Expo. They operate worldwide by providing world-class specialized products in the fin-tech industry, such as printing, scanning, kiosks and interactive solutions. With these, they aim to provide only of the highest quality and delivering more value for money to their loyal customers.

During the Expo, Olicom will be showing off some of their technology such as their MB-2 multi-function printer, designed for bank front offices. Additionally, Olicom may showcase their dot-matrix printers, such as the PR4 DR, known as “One of the smallest and quietest printers known in the retail industry”. They also manufacture plastic and metal products, injection moulds and progressive dies, which patrons will be able to observe at the event.

Olicom is vastly successful, with 48% worldwide Market Leadership and 78% Brand Awareness. Their global footprint stretches over more than 50 countries, evidencing that they have customers all over the world and also in these countries, there have been over 2.5 million units installed over 5 continents.

Furthermore, Olicom had just recently won a large tender for Sberbank in Russia where, a result, they will produce over 26,000 banking printers and related consumables.

The contract which is assigned to Olicom’s local partner OOO Kactom, has an estimated value of more than USD 11 million and will cover the supply, installation and ongoing maintenance for printers across 14,000 branches in 83 regions of Russia.

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