HYB Announced New Toner

HYB Announced New Toner for Xerox

The demand for Xerox color toner from the market and HYB customer base has been huge while most of the toner sold is only suitable for color Xerox printers or MFP. As for copier toner, the existing few manufacturers have developed toner formulation for use in color copiers until Generation III. The existing successful formulas that worked well in IV, VI generation have turned the cost to manufacture the toner cartridges similar to the Original Products.

Most of the customers are reluctant to use compatible toner due to a lot of experience with failure and their cost for maintaining their rental service. To benefit their customers with High Yield and Beneficial Alternative imaging supplies, HYB announced the XEROX color toner which works in the range of DC-IV C 2270 – C 5570 , DC-IV C 2275 – C 5575

DC-V C 2275-C7775, DC-V C2276-C7776

DOCUCOLOR 550/560/570/450/250/700 DIGITAL

PHASER 7500/7800

WORKCENTRE 7425/7120/7525/7823

The exclusive formula developed by HYB and their partner in Japan has gone through a long and complex process to be verified. In-house testing, chemical analysis and comparison of performance with O.E.M toner has been accomplished in Room temperature and extreme environment. The general technician GU confirmed the birth of this formula for more than one and half years but only testing and keep trial production for selected customers of HYB in different countries.

“We have tried many and almost gave up our idea to use compatible toner for our 5571 rental service. HYB offered us their products and we really took this as our last try for toner from the After Market. Surprisingly their toner worked and even under a high working load there was no issues.” said Ronald, a dealer type customer of HYB.

Not only in normal paper of office application, the new toner for Xerox color copiers have achieved the application of customers for printing in 200+grams paper, films.

HYB never stop development of toner which saves cost for their customers and the whole team is delighted to see a group of customers all over the world with a great satisfaction with their products.

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