Movie Actress Unwraps Smallest Laser Printer in the World

On April 30, Pantum, the first and only laser printer brand to be made and distributed from China, released its mini laser printer in Beijing, China. Created for world distribution, it attracted a lot of media attention through its supporter and brand spokesperson Li BingBing, a famous Chinese actress. Ms Li’s latest international film venture is the soon-to-be-released Transformer 4 movie: “Age of Extinction”.

Media, business and government invitees were informed the new Pantum P2500—using its own innovation patented technologies—is the smallest (size: 337mm*220mm*178mm) laser printer in the world. It takes just 7.8 seconds for the first page to be printed and then can print 22 pages per minute, making it the fastest mini printer in the world. In addition, Pantum boasts the new product can be refilled with toner easily due to its specially designed toner cartridge.

Pantum announced it will transform the company from a device provider to a service provider by offering managed print services for its users to help them reduce printing costs.

“In the coming three years, we are planning to cover more product types, including color laser printers, multi-function printers and medium-high speed printers, particularly customized printers for dedicated industry such as medical and finance,“ said Jackson Wang, CEO of Pantum, “We will continue to grow strong in our core domestic market and use that as a base to grow further globally. Currently, we have entered more than 30 foreign markets. Our products have sold very well and we have even run out of stock in some regions. It is our plan to keep growing and to focus on new regional markets in the future.“

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