Kyocera Established New Inkjet Test Lab in Esslingen

Kyocera announced the opening of a new inkjet test lab in Esslingen, Germany (near Stuttgart) to further enhance its technical support of Europe’s dynamic inkjet printing market.

Serving as a supplement to the inkjet design center at Kyocera’s European base, this new test lab will provide technical service for printer and ink manufacturers working with Kyocera KJ4 Series inkjet printheads. The facility has three Kyocera field engineers who provide customers with on-site support and remote technical service.

As was revealed by the OEM, the inkjet test lab is equipped with a drop watching system which enables observation of drop ejection at the picoliter level. Also, a single pass flatbed printer provides a media transportation rate of up to 1,693 mm/sec along with other related equipment for general experiments and evaluations.

The inkjet test lab brings three key improvements to the growing digital printing market:

  • Additional support for Kyocera’s customer base of KJ4 Series inkjet printheads in the future
  • An opportunity for joint testing to parties developing new and promising applications
  • Cooperation with suppliers of inks or peripherals for the KJ4 Series

Shigeru Koyama, European President at Kyocera Fine Ceramics GmbH, stated, “The simultaneous demand for diversity and efficiency has created a long-term conflict in the market. Meanwhile, inkjet technology is offering promising solutions to solve this contradiction. Through the establishment of this inkjet test lab, Kyocera expects to make an important contribution to the market.”

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