Funai Adds New Series to Kodak Verité Portfolio

Kodak licensee Funai Electric Co., Ltd. (Funai) has shown off its new series of inkjet printers at the annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

Business Wire reports the new models, known as the KODAK VERITÉ Eco Series Printers, support wireless connectivity for printing scanning and copying. With the Kodak Verité Printer App available on Apple and Android devices, users can easily scan and print from smartphones or tablets with a single touch.

According to Kodak, these printers include a new innovative, cost savings feature named the Eco button. The OEM claims it will help users to save up to 30% less ink and up to 70% or more on printing costs. In order to save on ink, Funai also offers high capacity cartridges including XL (double print yield of its standard cartridge) and 3XL (sextuple print yield). The manufacturer recommends the retail price for a 3XL cartridge is US$44.98 for black and US$59.98 for color, while equivalent ink cartridges by other manufacturers cost more than US$280.

Funai Partners with Kodak for Printer Business

“We know that people are looking for easy ways to print and scan from mobile devices,” said Tsuneki Yoshida, OS Division, GM Funai Electric. “We also know that consumers are looking for ways to save on ink costs. The Kodak Verité Eco Wireless printers will solve both of these needs.”

Funai Launches Kodak Inkjet Printers

The KODAK VERITÉ Eco Series inkjet printers are now available in the US and the UK.

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