More React to Static Control Acquisition

The recent acquisition of the iconic, US-based, aftermarket company Static Control by the China-based Apex Microelectronics, continues to create industry buzz.

While some remain unsure of the two former competitors forming such a strong alliance, Jack Wong (pictured), CEO of Zhono Electronics (Zhono) stands out as one who sees it as a good thing for the imaging industry facing legal and technical development threats.

“I wish to congratulate Apex Microelectronics on their acquisition of Static Control,” says Wong. “It was a visionary move that in my opinion, can only be good for our imaging industry.”

Wong says the acquisition clearly demonstrates that companies are willing to invest for the long term in the industry. He also noted that for those looking for chip solutions, the acquisition will create competitive issues and alternative chip developers and suppliers will be needed.

“I hope many will discuss their requirements with us at Zhono,” Wong told RT Media.  “We continue to increase our efforts in our research and development to increase our product range. We listen intently to what our existing customers and new customers have to say, and do our utmost to fulfill their requirements.”

Zhono recently established an American sister company, Zhono Corporation. Industry veteran, Bob Bucknum, formerly with Mitsubishi Kagaku, was head-hunted to lead the sales team for the North American market.

Wong concludes, “US cartridge remanufacturers are waking up to the fact that there is a high quality viable alternative chip supplier right on their door step.”

For further information please contact Bob Bucknum at (+1) 919 335 3980 or email at visit Zhono’s website at

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