Mito CEO Recognized as Integrity Model

Mary Ouyang (pictured), the CEO of Zhuhai Mito Color Imaging Co.,Ltd, has been “crowned” the“Integrity Model of Zhuhai City for 2016”.

Together with representatives from other fields, Mary Ouyang attended the official awards for outstanding individuals in the community. In order to promote its positive moral influence, Mito had been actively participating in the moral models tour to the grass-roots organized by government.

Ms. Ouyang said during the tour that Mito will continue to take responsibility for every product, every contract and every customer with a spirit of integrity and honesty.

Ms. Ouyang values integrity as a top priority both in her life and in work. She believes: “The enterprise with a good faith just like a magnet of positive energy that can attract resources like suppliers, customers and employees.”

With the philosophy of “integrity, unity, innovation, Entrepreneurship”, Mito has developed into one of the world’s largest manufacturing company for color toner cartridges.

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