Middle East and Turkey Sees Consecutive Quarter Growth in Printer Market

The printer market in the Middle East and Turkey continued strong recovery from recession in the first quarter of 2014, marking up 13.1% in shipments and 18.2% in value year on year( in the combined region), with all the key country markets growing at double-digit rates.

IDC claimed it is the third quarter in a row for the market growth. The easing of political tensions in both regions has brought an increase in investment in infrastructure projects, which consequently had a positive impact on demand for printers.

The color laser devices achieved the most substantial boost of 56.1% to total almost 100,000 units, while the revenues grew at a slower rate of 38.3% due to declining average sales prices (ASPs). IDC predicted, “to see an even faster erosion of ASPs in this segment over the coming quarters as vendors strive to increase the acceptance levels for color printers across the region. ”  Mono laser shipments rose 12.9% year-on-year to total almost 498,000 units, with revenues up by 11.3%. “The mid-to-high-end segment was the primary driver of growth in the mono laser category,” said IDC.

The inkjet market also saw a growth of 7.0% year on year to total about 443,000 units, with 20.5% increase in revenues. It is noted that growth in the higher price bands (particularly the $400+ category) serving as the major driver.

“The successful resolution of the damaging inventory shortages that were experienced in Q1 2013 (particularly in the color laser segment), together with the new distribution partners appointed by some vendors in the region, have had a positive impact on shipment growth in the Middle East region,” says Ashwin Venkatchari, senior program manager for imaging, printing, and document solutions at IDC Middle East, Africa, and Turkey. “While the trend is a very clear indication that the region’s HCP market has well and truly come out of recession, the immediate challenge facing vendors is how effectively they can protect and grow their market shares by offering attractive value propositions for their products and services.”


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