Metrofuser Rolls Out Remanufactured Laser Printers

Metrofuser has released a full line of remanufactured laser printers, called MpsClass Printers. The company claims the models selected for the line are the best in their respected categories, color, monochrome and multifunction. They are selected, disassembled, remanufactured completely and upgraded for today’s networking environment.

The merits of the MpsClass printers include: historical reliability, low cost part replacement, low cost toner replenishment and service technician accessibility. And they, available in all sizes and various capabilities, are typically one third the price of the newer equivalent.

Metrofuser said MpsClass laser printers are available only through a dealer only network. It protects and supports its dealers with non branded owner’s manuals, collateral marketing and blind drop shipments.

Every MpsClass printer comes with scalable warranties that range from 6-18-24 months. Scalable warranties offer dealers full control over cost points, expenses and profitability.

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