Metrofuser Focuses on Quality Management

Metrofuser (Roselle, NJ), a laser printer service and solution firm, announced automation to improve the reliability of its remanufactured fusers and printers.

Metrofuser asserts that the technology it adopted is similar to what is used in the banking and financial industry and offers unparalleled visibility. Also, the system records changes and graphically overlays each such event on the warranty rates of the fusers and printers. As a result, the company can track corrective actions and spot trends faster. Plus, as the data is collected across all departments, the changes in packaging, production processes and components can be better communicated and quantified.

Chief Operating Officer William DeMuth noted, “Critical introspection is a cornerstone to Metrofuser remanufacturing; this technology will allow greater insight. Thousands of hours in research and development have gone into the implementation of the Event Horizon system and the last obstacles to its full capabilities were cleared this summer.”

He added, “We are excited about unleashing its full potential.”

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