Manufacturing Picks Up

1. Ink factory came up with the black and colour prototypes, which work in a Kodak printer. At this stage, the project is just an experiment, but Ink Factory has proved 3D printing provides new opportunities. 
2. Last year many US remanufacturers received legal letters from Lexmark, because they were reusing empty Lexmark cartridges collected from outside of the United States. One remanufacturer has now filed a motion to dismiss Lexmark’s claims against them.
3. 30 days after granting an order preventing printer cartridges entering the US, which infringe one or more of Canon’s patents, the International Trade Commission, or ITC, has issued a public version of its opinion.
4. HP has expanded its efforts in the Philippines by opening a new deliver centre.

5. Researchers report 11.6% more laser printers were sold last quarter in Western Europe, compared with the same time last year.

6. Kyocera claims its profit has more than tripled, helped by the higher sales of color printers and the weaker yen.
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