Logo for Split Company Announced

Xerox has unveiled the global brand identity of its split off business process services company.

Conduent comes from the company’s expertise management of business relationships between their clients and constituents. “Conduent” is aimed at expanding customers, maintaining their loyalty and satisfaction.

The typeface of the company’s name is bold, reflecting Xerox’s 30-year of supporting core operations of businesses and governments. “N” and “T” connected in the typeface of “Conduent” demonstrates the vital position of the company in Xerox. The three parallelograms appear in the symbol also have the specific meanings as follows:

  • Collectively, they indicate movement and flexibility, and represent the relationship between Conduent, its clients and their end users.
  • Individually, they stand for three of Conduent’s major stakeholders, namely clients, staff and investors.
  • The arrow in the center of the design means that Conduent helps organizations grow, transform and improve their end-constituent relationships.

Ashok Vemuri, the CEO of Conduent following the company’s separation, said, “Our brand identity signifies core ideas behind our company and the value we create for our clients. We are forming a company built around a focus on all in service of creating more consistent experiences and returns for our stakeholders.”

According to Xerox, Conduent is expected to separate from Xerox at the end of 2016 and will emerge as a Fortune 500 scale company.

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