Lexmark Paves the Way

Lexmark Paves the Way

Printer OEMs and the Aftermarket alike have been searching for sustainable solutions to treat wasted, used toner. Consequently, Lexmark turned to the asphalt industry for what they claim to be a first in North America.

A large asphalt pavement, or car park, has just been completed at Lexmark’s corporate headquarters, located in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. It contains more than 4,082 kgs (9,000 pounds) of toner collected from used printer cartridges.

According to lanereport.com, the parking lot is the first commercial application in North America of a product called TonerPave, which uses the same toner powder used in Lexmark printers, to make asphalt—and possibly make it better.

John Gagel, Corporate Manager for Sustainability at Lexmark, said, “We have been trying to find an efficient way to reuse and recycle toner for well over 10 years. TonerPave is an efficient and effective manner in which to recycle toner. We’re now demonstrating that we have a solution that can be utilized in a sustainable manner. It’s part of the circular economy.”

Lexmark is partnering on the project with general contractor Denham Blythe, paving company and asphalt mixer The Allen Co all of which are based in Lexington.

Lexmark has partnered with the Australia-based recycling company Close the Loop for more than 15 years. TonerPave, developed by Close the Loop, was used in Australia last year. The Lexmark parking lot is said to be the first commercial use of TonerPave in North America.

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