Lenovo May Attract Eyes with Printers?

Lenovo May Attract Eyes with Printers?

Techradar opines that in a tricky printing market, if China tech giant Lenovo is willing to invest in the channel and take some risks, the outcome might be good for its printer business.

The website said, the world is printing more than ever before rather than trending towards a paperless world, with the global printer market expected to grow over the next five years.

Lenovo is a well-known brand which owns Medion, Motorola (Mobility), the entire x86 portfolio of IBM and NEC’s PC and mobile business as well as LenovoEMC. Techradar says that’s “a lot of goodwill value and a lot of powerful relationships” in the channel and various ecosystems.

In August 2013, Lenovo introduced its first printers for the Chinese market. According to Techradar, the announcement was rather low-key which was barely covered by western media, with none review of the printers available online. Lenovo highlights in a press release that these laser printing solutions were targeted at the home user. They are integrated with Android devices, which allow users to interact directly with the printers instead of using a traditional printer to achieve this.

Lenovo’s printers are manufactured by the Kinpo Group, a massive conglomerate whose production lines churn out half of the printers sold globally. Also should be noted is that Lenovo’s sister company, Legend Capital, acquired a 15% stake in Zhuhai Seine Technology, a Chinese company that develops and manufactures Pantum printers.

Techradar suggests 2016 might be the year when stars aligned and Lenovo finally goes global with its printer range, with the help of the existing relationship with Kinpo and a potential tie-up with Zhuhai Seine.

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