Leadership Change Unifies Two Divisions

Konica Minolta’s two formerly discrete functions will now fall under one single leadership position.

With the announcement of Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., Ekta Sahasi has expanded her leadership role to include Managing Director of Research and member of the Konica Minolta Global Strategic Council, while continuing to serve as vice president of the Business Innovation Center (BIC) in North America.

With both departments under her leadership, Sahasi will work to transform Konica Minolta’s core products by leveraging customer-centric innovation, current market trends and emerging technologies. The company believes that Ekta is better positioned to drive impactful organizational change through the advancement of research capabilities and contributions to global strategy.

According to theimagingchannel.com, Sahasi joined Konica Minolta in 2014 as the inaugural vice president of the Business Innovation Center in North America, contributing in pioneering initiatives for internal transformation, expanding core business and driving the global vision of tomorrow’s Konica Minolta.

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