ECI, Aster Graphics, Establish, Connection, PSN, Partnership, Cartridges, Printing

ECi Establishes New PSN

ECI, Aster Graphics, Establish, Connection, PSN, Partnership, Cartridges, PrintingECi has included Aster Graphics into its Private Supply Network (PSN) aiming to create opportunities for office supplier dealers and Aster Graphics to reach more customers.

According to Aster Graphics, this PSN integration between ECi’s DDMS and DDMSPLUS software with Aster Graphics Inc. will give DDMS users access to Aster Graphics’ environmentally friendly toner cartridges.

Moreover, Brian Ernst, Director of Product Management, ECi, stated: “We are happy to add Aster Graphics to our PSN list of suppliers and the potential it brings to the independent dealers. The product line and ordering efficiencies will provide the independent dealer with additional opportunities to increase sales and lower soft costs while helping them compete in a highly competitive and ever-changing market.“

“Having an integration with ECi is very exciting for us. ECi has shown a long time commitment to providing independent dealers the tools that they need to be successful. At Aster Graphics, we are providing the products and programs that will help independents win new customers and market share. The DDMS integration will allow them to take better advantage of these tools and services,” commented Jerry Gigliotti, Sales Director, Aster Graphics.

Furthermore, Charlie Antell, Executive Vice President, Aster Graphics, declared, “The success of independent dealers is important to Aster”, he continued, “Consumers want choices and the independent dealer provides a personalized level of service that typically cannot be delivered through online shopping. Managing imaging supplies can be complex, but an integration with DDMS simplifies and streamlines the process.”


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