Aftermarket leader, Apex, attended the annual BUSINESS-INFORM event this May. Apex not only won the “THE LEADER FOCUS ON QUALITY” prize in recognition of its outstanding quality products, but also unveiled its new core and IoT (Internet of Things) products.

Russia is the third largest market for Apex’s Unismart device, and the demonstration of this device at BUSINESS-INFORM was received with great enthusiasm by many Russian dealers. Meanwhile, Apex’s replacement chips for HP CF400 and Kyocera TK-7300/TK-5160 laser series and many of its second-line core products also drew customers’ attention.

A smart monitoring firmware upgrades app, Apex Support, also received high complements from event participants for its multiple functions. Later Apex will introduce a new version of Apex Support, which will monitor more brands and models so that firmware upgrades and new printer information will be updated immediately.

In addition, for Apex’s focus on the innovation and development of new products, its new IoT products, consisting of NFC large capacity chip, the fingerprint lock, and storage products also attracted wide attention from event attendees.

Apex has always had strict requirements on its product quality and it has established high-quality control system as well. The company will enhance services and create more benefits for customers while continuing to produce quality products in the future.

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