Kyocera Performs Unevenly Worldwide

Kyocera Performs Unevenly Worldwide

Kyocera Corporation (“Kyocera”) has released the financial report of its first quarter of the 2017 fiscal year, seeing a 3% fall in net sales.

Kyocera has reported uneven performances across different regions. In Asia, the electronics manufacturer has gained JP¥598,639 million (US$53.43 million) in Japan and JP¥304,013 million (US$27.13 million) in other parts of Asia in 2017, adding 1.5% and 1.2% respectively in net sales. On the other hand, the company’s net sales in Europe and the U.S. has dropped 7.1% and 8.5% YOY, with net sales of JP¥235,355 million (US$21.01 million) and JP¥228,968 million (US$20.43 million) respectively.

According to Kyocera, the comprehensive income of the company in the 2017 fiscal year was JP¥85,628 million (US$7.64 million), down by JP¥24,341 million (US$2.17 million) compared with the previous fiscal year.

The net sales of Kyocera in the FY17 was JP¥1,422,754 million (US$126.98 million), seeing a year-over-year (YOY) decrease of 3.8%. Besides, the operations profits of Kyocera had increased 12.8% to JP¥104,542 million (US$9.33 million) in comparison with last fiscal year.

The amount of net sales of the document solutions group was JP¥324,012 million (US$28.92 million) in 2017, dropping around 8% in comparison with the forecasts of the 2018 fiscal year. The document solutions group of Kyocera includes printers, multifunctional products, document solutions, supplies, etc.

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