Inkjet is Reshaping the Publishing World

In a Ricoh annual event, industry elites of the paper and imaging industry gathered together to discuss how the Inkjet technologies are reshaping the publishing industry.

According to Ricoh, IT Strategies even predicted that more than double the amount of books would be printed by the year 2020, thanks to inkjet technologies.

At the 3rd annual Publishing Executive Symposium, Ricoh and the attendees of the event have witnessed the game-changing effects of the current of production inkjet technology. Publishers around the world have taken its advantage of producing efficiently with lower cost and higher quality. That is why the volume of inkjet publishing applications are increasing in the industry.

The attendees of the event were shown case studies from Edwards Brothers Malloy, Publishers Graphics, and BR Printers about how they have used the inkjet technology for publishing.

The former president of Pearson North America, Don Kilburn, were convinced that inkjet would be the long form of the publishing industry.

He said, “It’s clear that inkjet is the long form of the publishing industry. Hearing from the analysts who validate that, and seeing other publishers continue adopting it is evidence that it’s here and it’s what will be.”

Jeff Paterra, executive vice president of commercial and industrial printing at Ricoh has also commented, “The way publishing and inkjet technology intersect has fundamentally changed, and today’s publishing visionaries understand that exploring these changes is crucial to adapting.”

The 3rd annual Publishing Executive Symposium was a three-day, invitation-only event organized by Ricoh in Boulder, Colorado.

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