Kodak to Stop Supply Samsung Printer Hardware

Kodak will stop supplying Samsung printer hardware, but will continue to offer consumables to the Korean OEM.

As Kodak gradually emerges from the bankruptcy protection filed in 2012, it is now building new relationships with other companies. Samsung, who has been buying printer hardware from Kodak, now has revised the co-operation contract.

According to the new agreement, Kodak will no longer provide its former partner with hardware, but it will continue to supply the Korean OEM consumables through the end of September 2015. Samsung will pay Kodak nearly $38 million in subsidy fees and other expenses.

In April 2012, Kodak began to produce printers for Samsung. The Samsung CJx-1000, CJx-1050W, and CJx-2000FW, for example, are said to be very similar to Kodak devices. The consumables used in the machines are also more or less similar to Kodak 30-series ink tanks.

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