Metrofuser Shares Its Success in 10th Anniversary

Metrofuser, a US remanufacturer and distributor of printer consumables, has celebrated its 10th anniversary and shared its way to success.

Started in 2003, Metrofuser was a printer parts supplier for HP laser devices. The company has now expanded its business to include products for Lexmark printers while also offer training classes for printer repairing.

Looking back, Metrofuser says the company has been able to remain growth despite an uncertain and often difficult economic climate. In 2010, the company began remanufacturing HP laser printers and multi-function devices, which puts Metrofuser in rapid expansion. The company says years of experience have help the company develop; it also emphasizes the importance of maintaining customer relationship.

“The two most important forces in our rapid development,” said Demuth, the Chief Operating Officer, “have been a superior team of professionals who care about keeping our customers happy and a maniacal obsession with improving and perfecting our quality. Many of our employees have been here for years, enabling us to create a core group of experienced technicians and managers whose dedication has allowed us to evolve and advance.”

He added, “We are proud of the company that we’ve built and even more grateful to our customers, partners and employees for the last ten years of service and support. We look forward to even better things in the future.”

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