Kodak Pays Tribute to Art Diamond

Kodak Pays Tribute to Art Diamond

Kodak Pays Tribute to Art DiamondKodak Pays Tribute to Art Diamond
Kodak’s Dan Burmeister reflects as countless others mourn the passing of Art Diamond.

Twenty months ago I was introduced to Art by Tom McHugh at Kodak with the thought that I may be able to set aside some time to learn whatever I could about the aftermarket business. I had just started working in a new role at Kodak and I needed a mentor. Twenty months later I have lost one of my best friends.

Each month I would travel to Ojai, California to visit with Art and his wonderful wife, Diane. The first visit was four and half hours of industry enlightenment and with each trip thereafter, I would learn more about Art and his incredible journey through life. I looked forward to each meeting and felt blessed that he would volunteer his time so graciously. Art always wanted to hear about Kodak and he would tell me stories of the Kodak he had worked at forty five years ago. I kept pages of notes from each visit and as I look back on those notes today I realize that what started as a tutorial on the aftermarket became shared wisdom on life and family. Art was one of a kind, he cared deeply about people and was always positive, even as his health was failing he would always greet me with a smile and ask about my wife and boys.

I have mixed feelings today, I have the grief of losing a cherished friend, but I also have an appreciation of every second I was privileged to spend with Art. At the end of each visit Art would thank me for coming and tell me what topics we would focus on in our next visit. I will miss my visits to Ojai and I will miss my friend, but I am one of the lucky ones to have spent time with an industry legend and one of the greatest people I have ever known. RIP Art, you will be missed, I am just thankful that I am one of the many lucky people that will be missing you.

Dan Burmeister
Director of Sales: Kodak Extended Materials Business

Call for Tributes
RT Media is preparing an obituary for Art Diamond who passed away peacefully at his home on August 24.

We would like to publish your tributes to Art Diamond as well.
Please send your tribute, name, company, and your photo to Violien.Wu@RTMworld.com

The tributes will be published in a special feature in the next edition of the magazine.

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