Kodak to Move Headquarters

Kodak, the iconic imaging giant, says it will move its European headquarters from Switzerland to the UK in 2017.

According to PrintWeek, Helen Isaacs(pictured), the chairman of Kodak UK stated that the company had been looking to relocate its headquarters to the UK since 2015. The whole process had taken about 18 months. The company’s legal entity in Switzerland will maintain but will only sell within Switzerland.

Kodak also reveals the relocation comes at the same time as the company selling sells off its Prosper inkjet business.

In Kodak’s financial report for the third quarter, its Print Systems Division (PSD), saw a year-on-year decrease of 10% to US$250 million. Its Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division (EISD) grew US$2 million compared to last year.

Isaacs said: “This move [to the UK] allows Kodak to continue to simplify its operating structure to reflect a faster-moving, more competitive and more entrepreneurial organisation. The UK already hosts key European operations for Kodak, so this relocation is a natural transition for us.”

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