Kingsun Provides “New Normal” Ink Bag Solutions for Home Offices

Kingsun Provides “New Normal” Ink Bag Solutions for Home Offices

kingsunHybrid working or working from home has become the new normal since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in every country of the world.

With it, the demand for low-cost and reliable printing has been increasing for printers based in the home. To this end, China-based Kingsun has developed what it is calling the ideal “ink bag solution” for those who work at home.

Designed to handle the most demanding jobs, Kingsun claims that its compatible ink bag series has a page yield that is equal to or higher than that of OEM consumables. Kingsun boasts that the ink bag series can print vivid graphics that are equivalent to the OEMs. The company also promises stable quality because the ink bags contain waterproof pigments which can last two years without fading.

In addition, the bag design is easy to install and is easily recognized by chips in the printer. “Once the ink runs out, you just replace it with a new ink bag. You only need to run the automatic cleaning before start printing again,” said a Kingsun spokesman.




The spokesman added that all Kingsun ink bags have passed testing for compatibility with printers and chips. To ensure the rate of qualified products, Kingsun also conducted printing tests before the ink bags went to market.

“In the unlikely event there should be a defect, we have a 100% replacement guarantee for our customers,” said the Kingsun spokesman.

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