Kilider Launches New Drum Units

Kilider Launches New Drum Units

Kilider Launches New Drum Units

Kilider Launches New Drum UnitsJiangxi Kilider Technology Co., Ltd. (“Kilider”) launched the NPG71/NPG45/NPG46 and NPG67/NPG74 drum units, a new addition to its patented technology portfolio.

“New technology is added to improve the rotating efficiency of the drum unit, reducing the rotating torque and prolonging the service life of the drum unit by optimizing the precise fitting of gears and screws,” said the spokesman of Kilider.

According to Kilider, the addition of new materials makes the light guide strip stronger, which not only reduces the generation of waste powder, but also improves the printing volume. “At the same time, the products have passed the compatibility test and life test with toners from different manufacturers, and all indicators are qualified,” said the spokesman of Kilider.

Kilider claims that the NPG71/NPG45/NPG46 and NPG67/NPG74 drum units have been granted patents by the State Intellectual Property Office of China (patent number 202010809272.1), and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (patent number. US 11054788).

NPG71/NPG45/NPG46 drum unit is applicable to Canon IRC 5535/5535i/5540/5550/5560/DXC5760/5750/5740/5735/IRC 5045/5051/5250/5255/IRC 5030/5035/5235/5240 series printers.

NPG67/NPG74/GPR53/C-EXV49/54 drum unit is applicable to Canon IRC3330/3320/3325/3320L/3520/3525/3530/3020/3120L/3125/DXC3730/3725/3720/3120L/3125/3025 series printers.

About Kilider

As a science and technology enterprise, Kilider not only continuously increases investment in R & D and innovation but also actively cultivates high-tech talents and takes “people-oriented” as the spirit of the corporate culture. The company has always attached great importance to the introduction of talents and equipment investment, product technological innovation and the protection of independent intellectual property rights. The road to innovation is endless. Kilider has won patents: 60 product invention patents and 35 other patents. Kilider will uphold the concept of “continuous improvement and innovation” and continue to provide users with high-quality and high-performance products and provide high-quality consumables solutions for customers all over the world.



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