Kilider Wins New Patent to Solve HP Problem

Kilider Wins New Patent to Solve HP Problem

Kilider Wins New Patent to Solve HP Problem

Kilider Wins New Patent to Solve HP ProblemJiangxi Kilider Technology Co., Ltd. (Kilider) has added a new invention to its patented technology library.

Kilider, which is based in Dongguan in the Guangdong Province of China, is very proud of the achievements of its innovative engineers.

Yet again, they have researched, developed and produced a workaround solution that does not infringe the OEM patents on the HP KLD-W1336A/X toner cartridge.

“I am very proud of the engineers that devoted themselves to this challenge,” Kilider boss, Simon Zhu told RT Media. “At Kilider we are committed to respecting the intellectual property of others and we looked for our own innovative solution.”

The KLD-W1336A/X toner cartridge is used in HP MFP M42623n, 42623dn, 42625n and 42625dn series printers with the expected page yield from the W1336A being 7,400 pages and the yield from the W1336X being 13,700 pages.

According to Zhu, the company independently developed its own invention in response to a demand for non-infringing, third-party supplies. On this occasion, the newly obtained patent, numbered 201910203468.3 was approved and granted by the State Intellectual Property Office of China.

“Our KLD engineering team continuously developed, improved upon and repeatedly tested the compatible KLD-W1336A/X toner cartridge,” Zhu said.

According to Zhu, the patented powder feeding structure ensures the print quality and product life to be comparable with OEM products. He claimed the plastic parts of the toner cartridge use brand new materials and the toner particles are fine and uniform. “We have less waste powder after improving upon the design and there is a smoother transfer of powder. The print quality is softer and is perfectly compatible with OEM and other mainstream toners. The printing of graphics in color is stable and looks even more real and natural than the OEM,” Zhu said.

At the same time, the Kilider patented product is allegedly core cost-competitive.

As a technical company, Kilider claims it has not only increased its investment in R&D and continuous innovation but also actively cultivated high-tech talent. “Being people-oriented is a fundamental principle which drives our growth,” Zhu said.  “We have always been paying special attention to the talented hiring and training of our staff. We show our highest respect for intellectual property with huge investment into technical research and innovation.”

To date, Kilider has been issued with 53 product invention patents and 32 other patents.



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