European Industry Gathering to Go Ahead

European Industry Gathering to Go Ahead

European Industry Gathering to Go Ahead

European Industry Gathering to Go AheadDespite some news reports to the contrary, industry events and meetings will go ahead in 2021 for the imaging supplies industry in Europe.

One industry report said, “Messe Frankfurt has confirmed that a decision whether to run next year’s RemanExpo as a physical event has yet to be made.”

Back on September 21, Messe Frankfurt announced it would not hold Paperworld in January 2021 but to offer the consumer-goods sector a new ordering option in its place due to the current situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated international travel restrictions.

David Connett is a partner of Connett & Unland, consultant and promoter for Paperworld and co-organizer of the Reman Expo pavilion at that expo. He told RT Media that a larger, combined exhibition would be run “under the heading International Consumer Goods Show (ICGS) / Digital Days from 17 to 20 April 2021.”

Connett said he had seen the confusing news stories and reiterated the combined ICGS event in 2021 would be bigger than Paperworld alone as a face-to-face event and would have “bolted-on” Digital Days to provide an additional virtual experience for visitors and exhibitors

According to Connett, The Recycler Trade Magazine will host a series of its well-known REMCON presentations during the Digital Days. Details of the presentations will be published early in 2021.

“Chinese Exhibitors can also participate live at the ICGS show, or via the Digital Days, or both,” said Connett. “Whatever travel restrictions may be in place next April, it will be possible to actively participate in the event. And a real bonus will be no conflict with the Chinese New Year.”

Paperworld and the Remanexpo product group will return to the normal schedule and appear again 29 January through to 1 February 2022.



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