Katun EAME Welcomes New Sales Director

Katun EAME Welcomes New Sales Director

zoltanKatun EAME claimed on LinkedIn that it appointed Zoltan Matyas as the new Sales Director for the Digital Printing Solutions Division (KDPS) at Katun EAME.

Zoltan comes to Katun EAME with over 20 years of experience in the global print industry, with a significant focus on the digital and industrial printing sectors. Zoltan will be building the Katun DPS division in EAME, working closely with internal and external teams, to create the foundation of a successful new business division in Katun EAME.

“Thank you everyone for the warm welcome, I’m looking forward to the challenge,” said Zoltan.

Previously, Zoltan Matyas resigned from GM Technology after leading the export sales team for more than 3 years.

Matyas founded Zynapses Consulting & Coaching Agency to help customers navigate the complexities of today’s AI-driven, globalized markets.

His agency specializes in guiding leaders and assisting organizations in expanding internationally, optimizing B2B partnerships, and leveraging advanced technologies like AI and CRM for business excellence.



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