Issue No.7 of Korean Recycling Times Magazine Published

Recycling Times has worked with its Korean partner, Innovative Printing Solution (IPS) to publish the Korean version of Recycling Times magazine. This new monthly publication contains news and views relating to the global print consumables industry.

 In the 7th edition (

The World’S First Palm Oil-Based Chemical Toner
Jadi has pursued innovative ways to minimize the environmental impact of printing, a field currently dominated, worldwide, by petrotoners made from petroleum-derived resins.

Breaking News: Kodak Achieves Near 100% Biotoner
This cost competitive, environmentally friendly product is planned to be in semi-works production this August and full-scale production by June 2015.

Mobile Printing Today: Complexity, Confusion Abound as Developments Continue
Despite a number of positive developments, many barriers remain that hinder the widespread adoption of mobile printing.

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