DCI/Jet Tec Partners with Stock in the Channel

DCI/Jet Tec, a remanufacturer of inkjet and toner cartridges, has announced its partnership with Stock in the Channel, reports Dealer Support. The Stock in the Channel website allows retailers to search, compare and buy products from multiple distributors, with over 120 distributors in the UK alone.

DCI/Jet Tec expects positive results from this new partnership. The company has already signed on to the site’s UK, French and German platforms where 85% of searches come from resellers.

Tony Speed, Sales Manager for Jet Tec, explained, “By listing the Jet Tec brand on Stock in the Channel it enables both an industry leading brand and platform to expand its reach within the UK and European reseller market. Our existing resellers can use Stock in the Channel to view stock levels and their bespoke (custom) pricing, whilst opening the opportunity for new resellers to access the Jet Tec brand. With toner being the single most searched for category and inkjets being the fourth, we are confident that the partnership will be a success!”

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