Issue No.3 of Recycling Times Korean Magazine Launched

Let’s welcome the 3rd edition of the Korean version Recycling Times magazine:

Recycling Times has worked with its new Korean partner, Innovative Printing Solution (IPS) to publish the new magazine. This new monthly publication contains news and views relating to the global print consumables industry.

In this issue:

New Business Opportunities for Rechargers
With ink jet as well as toner, our business has often been defined as creating marks on paper. Now, it needs to be looked at in a broader sense.

Steve Adkins: In Defense of IP Rights and Fair Trade Practices
The industry needs to help itself by organizing, consolidating its efforts, getting useful IP and enforcing it or using it defensively.

OEMs vs Aftermarket: Play Fair, Fight Fair
What can remanufacturers and legitimate aftermarket companies do to defend themselves?

Forecast on Global Printing Volume
The global demand for marking supplies is being driven by a variety of diverging dynamics. 

Mergers, Acquisitions and Consolidation In the Printing Consumables Aftermarket

For English version:

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