IoT to Replace Cartridges Selling Business

Big data and IoT (Internet of things) have already brought us into a brand new world. How will it affect business when it hooks up with printers and consumables?

Zoltan Matyas will portray how IoT will impact the imaging industry in the near future and how this will affect your business.

Obviously, we no longer need to watch toner or ink levels and buy cartridges ourselves. The printer is able to take care of all that, itself. It can also track our paper consumption and calculate how much paper we use, predict what we will need and order it, at the right time and at the best price. The printer can call for a service technician to complete a maintenance overhaul when it’s due.

The IoT has already started to transform the way we consume and do things.

OEMs are already manufacturing “smart” printers loaded with connected sensors. Service providers are inventing new services. And it’s sure that Aftermarket companies will manufacture smart boxes connected to the printers to do all what was not possible yesterday.

Soon we will live in a world where we will no longer sell cartridges to consumers for their printers. We need to find solutions that will tie up our customers who want to use the IoT to have all that looked after for them. Suppliers must become connected to the IoT in order to provide those services. Otherwise, our current customers will move on to someone else who can provide a better IoT user-experience.

On March 22, Matyas will host a seminar session at the RT Imaging Expo—EMEA to share thoughts and ideas with participants from Africa, Middle East, and the European market. Attendees can expect to find insights that are critical for the future of their business.

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Speaker Profile:

Zoltan Matyas newly joined wta Carsten Weser to expand the remanufacturer’s sales in Spain and Portugal and spearhead wta’s entry into the Eastern European and Middle Eastern markets. Matyas spent his last 12 years with UniNet as Managing Director of UniNet Europe and has more than 15 years of aftermarket imaging industry experience in Europe. He also holds a post graduate degree in Social Media and Digital Marketing from the Barcelona University UPF and has extensive consulting experience in the imaging aftermarket.

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