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Lynton R. Burchette (pictured), former VP and Director of Electronics Development at Static Control Components, (SCC) has returned to the cartridge industry with his own business strategy for chip development. His return comes after two years due to “non-compete clauses that were established prior to his departure in November 2014. Burchette is excited to be back in the industry that he has embraced since 1993.

Since his departure from SCC, Burchette has remained highly active in the electronics industry and established his own company, RBI LLC, manages the development of secure firmware and digital designs outside of the imaging industry. However, he maintained a great interest in the cartridge industry and kept a watchful eye on the evolution within.

“During the last two years, cartridge OEMs have perpetuated the release of encrypted chip technology barriers that started in 2008 and this is aggravated by aftermarket industry consolidation,” Burchette said. “Because of this, many companies in the industry are eager for help to address key challenges of chip technology to open up market opportunities. This is true for aftermarket cartridge and some chip companies. We hope to make a positive impact on this. Our, lean company utilizes carefully selected talent for cost effective and timely solutions. “We are capable of developing a wide range of applications such as analog, digital, ASIC, firmware, reverse engineering and IP discovery for a diverse group of industries. Our latest endeavor being the Internet of Things.”

“In today’s competitive global markets, offsite development can save businesses money and time through our focused management of engineering towards specific product needs. This avoids wasted money and time caused by daily distractions of talent that is inherit within many companies. In other words, our engineers are streamlined and engage what they do best, engineering.”

Burchette started in the cartridge remanufacturing industry in 1993. He is the inventor or co-inventor of 33 patents pertaining to cartridges or chips. His imaging roots began at SCC in cartridge engineering until 2000 when chips began to appear in laser printer cartridges. Then, he was promoted to establish SCC’s first ever chip development group that grew to 45+ personnel, produced thousands of chip products based on ASIC designs and created custom automated production lines, during a barrage of OEM technical barriers. Burchette pointed out, “Despite the challenges, the chip development team always delivered. We carved out a large portfolio of intellectual property that bolstered a changing business in the presence of many legal encounters through the years.”

Burchette adds, “Experience results in knowledge and vision. I am looking forward to new uncharted opportunities in the future and connection within the industry again.”

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