In-Map, Konica Minolta Ink Deal

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia (KMBSA) has signed a contract with In-Map Ltd., a UK-based, leading developer of automated sales proposal and mapping software. The pact enables KMBSA to use In-Map software in the pursuit of potential managed print service (MPS) engagements. KMBSA will utilize In-Map for countries within the ASIAN region to enhance its Optimized Print Services sales. The In-Map software is used in conjunction with fleet management tools such as FMAudit and PrintFleet to collect customers’ print data (e.g., device model, device volume, etc.).

The data forms the basis for a customers’ current environment. It is then analyzed using either the end user’s own cost or relevant market price from In-Map or KMBSA’s device database repository to compute the current total cost of ownership (TCO).

To aid visualization of the current environment, KMBSA uses the In-Map mapping function to place devices on floor-plans, digitally representing their actual location, in the end user’s environment. Once all requisite data is compiled, KMBSA will perform fleet optimization, proposing future device layout and analyze costs (direct and indirect) to craft the most cost and process efficient business case for the customer.

The In-Map generated reports for both the current and proposed environment, combined with the use of floor-plans and TCO financial figures, enhance end-users understanding of their current situation and how In-Map proposals can improve their print environment. These professional looking reports are delivered in KMBSA’s own company style, colors and layout, having been created, ready-to-view, by end-users from popular formats such as MS Word and MS PowerPoint.

The automation using In-Map reduces time and inaccuracy from manual effort (e.g., MS Excel). With this time saving feature, KMBSA can generate more scenarios, from which the best can be selected. Additionally, end-users can also expect consistency in the data findings and report presentation across different sites/regions.

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