UN Supports Remanufacturing

1. The United Nations has declared, remanufacturing is good for the environment, and the original manufacturers, or OEMs, are a major obstacle.

2. According to the Cartridge World boss Rod Young, growth will take place in all regions, particularly those in emerging economies.

3. Lexmark continues to chase cartridge remanufacturers, and the collectors of empty cartridges, to sue them for infringing their patents.

4. All makers of desktop printers, or OEMs are clamping down on the illegal trade of fake cartridges.

5. Japan continues to be a bright spot in the worldwide large format printer market, selling more of them than the same time last year.

6. Epson have launched their new compact LX-350 dot matrix printers, which hardly use any power, in East Africa.
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