IMI Europe Announces Additional Events in 2017

IMI Europe has revealed its European event program for the first half of 2017, enhanced by two new events.

Tim Phillips, Managing Director at IMI Europe, revealed the inkjet digital printing community has been such an engine for growth over the last few years. “With an excellent program of technical course and conference content, we believe we are well-placed to continue our leading role in the on-going development of the inkjet digital printing community,” he added.

The coming program includes four events with information listed below:

  • The IMI Europe Inkjet Winder Workshop, one of the newly added events, will be held in January in Spain. The event consists of three technical courses designed for inkjet developers with presentations given by technical leaders in their respective fields.
  • The IMI Europe Inkjet Engineering Conference as well as the routine event, IMI Europe Inkjet Ink Development Conference in March, will be held in Switzerland. Leading industrial and academic experts are invited to talk at both events, aimed at the inkjet development community.
  • From June 12 to 16, the IMI Europe Inkjet Summer School in Spain will deliver six one-and-half-day technical courses. To enable developers to comprehend particular areas of technology. The event will cover the world-famous Inkjet Academy and other courses in important aspects of inkjet technology.

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