IDC: Indian Market Grows in Inkjet but Stumbles in Laser

The whole hardcopy peripheral (HCP) market in India has seen a consecutive decline of 4.7% in 2Q2016 with 757,783 units of shipments.

So says research group IDC in its latest report on the Indian imaging market for the second quarter of 2016 (2Q2016).

In particular, the printer-based laser HCP market faced a 14.5% drop compared to last quarter, and the copier-based slumped 33.3%. IDC attributes the low number in the whole HCP market to the low demand from the government and corporate sectors. Despite the weak performance in the laser HCP market, the inkjet market was boosted by the steady consumer demand with a quarter-on-quarter rise of 10.6%.

HP continues to lead the printer market in India grasping 43.1% shipment share in 2Q2016, following by Canon with a 21.9% growth to achieve 21.2% market share. Epson came out third with a slightly-lagging market share of 20.9%.

IDC predicts the laser copier market will perform well in the next three months and MPS business will be surge thanks to large enterprises attracted to the business model.

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