China-based DingLong Reports Strong Growth in Q3

Hubei Dinglong Shares Results with Shareholders

Year-on-year results to the end of September 2017 reveal growth of 30.84% according to the Hubei Dinglong shareholders report, published recently.

Exchange rate losses hit the company by almost ¥RMB 24 million (US$4 million) while in the same period for 2016 the company showed an exchange gain of ¥RMB 10.02 million (US$1.6 million). Without the exchange loss, the growth would have been a whopping 49.91%.

Color toner remains a fast growing sales division at Dinglong. Total accumulated sales for the 9 month period was ¥RMB 154.61 Million (US$24.5 Million) increasing 25.13%. This puts the toner division on a path to trend ¥RMB 204 Million for the year (US$32.75 Million). Both the Chinese domestic and overseas international markets have seen significant growth. Is Dinglong leading the color toner market? We see Mitsubishi less passionate than they once were about the market and also making an exit from the monochrome toner business. Synonar was another good polymerized toner maker that has long gone, and others have become less active in pursuing the chemical toner market. Dinglong may be becoming the “go to” player for color toner. Other companies, however, are quietly making chemical toner products by having post blending operations, preferring to buy in part-finished toner recipes and post-blending products to their own specification.

The sale of laser chips via the Dinglong subsidiary, ChipJet, has seen continuous growth throughout the year according to the shareholders’ report.

Compatible cartridge sales for the group were ¥RMB 830.11 million (US$133 million) up year on year by 25.85%.

Hubei Dinglong Co., Ltd was founded in July 2000. Since its establishment, it has specialized in chemical new materials, printing supplies, integrated circuit materials and cloud printing market development. During the 16 years’ development in this industry, Hubei Dinglong has been awarded as National High & New Tech Enterprise, National Innovation Enterprise, and successfully been listed in Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010.

Today Hubei Dinglong has become a holding company of 12 subsidiaries, which are Hubei Dinglong Chemical Co.,Ltd, Hangzhou Chipjet Technology Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Retech Technology Co.,Ltd, Ningbo Flexitone New Materials Co.,Ltd, Hubei Dinghui Electronics Material Co.,Ltd, Hubei Dinglong Love Visual Media Technology Co.,Ltd, Hubei Sanbao New Material Co.,Ltd, Nantong Longxiang Chemical Co.,Ltd, Zhuhai Mito Color Imaging Co.,Ltd, Zhuhai Kolion Tech Co.,Ltd, Zhuhai Dinglong new Materials Co.,Ltd, Shandong Kaiyuan Century Co.,Ltd.

It’s all good news for the Dinglong shareholders according to the report. We will continue to review the results made by other Chinese-based publicly stock-market-listed groups as they will continue to have an overwhelming effect on the global imaging industry landscape.

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