HP’s New Vancouver Office Prepares for Next Industrial Revolution

HP Inc. has opened a new office at the Columbia Tech Center in Vancouver, Canada.

According to the Columbian, the new expansion is said to cover 58,000 square feet (about 5,388 square meters). As HP plans to launch the next industrial revolution, it requires extra space as well as more employees. Several departments have already moved to the nearly completed expansion.

Steve Nigro, President of 3D printing at HP Inc., said that the company is looking to move the $5 billion 3D printing industry into the $12 trillion manufacturing economy, giving manufacturers the capabilities to produce their own parts — HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers can already produce many of its own parts. Nigro added, the Multi Jet printers set for release in the next few months can create “smarter physical parts up to 10 times faster at half the cost.”

HP is planning to release a color 3D printer after 2017. HP also offered a look at a few more-traditional printers during the initiatives.

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