Epson Printer Endures the Antarctic

Epson Printer Endures the Antarctic

Epson claims its high-capacity ink tank printer has endured the toughest of challenges—by being tested in the Antarctic since October, 2014.

EcoTank, the innovative high-capacity ink tank printer from Epson, was sent to Base Marambio, the southernmost point in the Americas which experiences extreme climates.

The EcoTank Challenge was to demonstrate its high performance despite tough conditions. For a span of almost two years, EcoTank’s lower cost, consistent printing quality and constant supplies have enabled it to accomplish the mission.

Base Marambio, an Argentine station, is used to conduct various scientific, research projects. The L355 printer worked properly through strong winds and sub-zero frosts for a year and a half of daily use without the need for refilling. Juan Carlos Luján, president of Fundación Marambio, said: “They never had to worry about the ink, which seemed endless.”

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