HP Rolls out Enhanced Printer Security Feature

HP Rolls out Enhanced Printer Security Feature

Hewlett-Packard launched a series of new features and services designed to better secure printers on corporate networks.

The move highlights how printers can be used as an attack vector for cybercriminals looking to poach sensitive documents.

Among the new features is something HP calls serverless pull printing, which is a new feature for the company’s Access Control software. The technology eliminates the need for servers in corporate branch offices. The idea is that centralized management of printing can improve compliance, confidentiality and save on supplies.

HP Access Control is also designed to enable mobile devices to print via email and a secure queue.

In addition, HP has added more of its HP LaserJet printers to its JetAdvantage Security Manager software, which monitors and manages printers. Security services have also been expanded to cover Europe and Asia.

On the analytics front, HP added a module to its Capture and Route software that can recognize forms so they can be scanned and managed digitally.

(Source: ZDNet)

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