HP Opening Port of Piraeus as Transit Hub in Greece

Hewlett-Packard has established a new transit hub at Port of Piraeus in Athens, Greece. The new transit center will be used to access markets in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia which will add to the speed and efficiency of product shipments.

HP expects long-term opportunities in Eastern Europe, Russia and the former Soviet states, the Maghreb region of Northern Africa, and the Levant area of the Middle East. As was revealed in a post by Tony Prophet, Senior Vice President for Operations in HP’s Printing and Personal Systems Group, on HP’s website, products will be delivered seven days faster to customers in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, Africa and parts of the Middle East by using the Port of Piraeus.

Also, according to the post, the new shipping scheme will have less impact on the environment. HP claims that transporting products via ship reduces CO2 emissions by 57 times versus air transport.

U.S. based researchers at the Photizo Group, claim this plan will help HP gain improvements in delivery time, environmental friendliness and cost. Photizo said HP is thinking carefully and creatively about this area of its business.

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