How MPS Increase Business Efficiencies

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Increase Business Efficiencies with A Managed Print Services Program

Managed Print Services (MPS) is an ever-accelerating trend in the document solutions industry and for good reason.

Managed Print Serviceslooks at per-page cost as the “bottom line” in contrast to the final price point of office equipment. The fundamental premise is consideration of all costs associated with leasing/owning and using printing and imaging equipment, including maintenance and ongoing support – particularly important for companies with multiple locations.

If you are a business owner, and your office equipment dealer hasn’t educated you on MPS or how it can save you money, you should go shopping for a new dealer. Far less than 50% of document solutions dealers in the U.S. have a Managed Print Service program in place. A little knowledge can go along way when you, as a business owner seeking to improve your business efficiencies, set about choosing an MPS provider.

The full MPS provider must have the ability to service machines and supply products on an immediate as-needed basis. When inquiring, ask if they have a strong relationship with toner and parts providers and if supplies can be shipped to you at a moment’s notice. Better yet, seek out an MPS provider who will anticipate your needs in advance of an “I’m all out of toner” emergency.

In fact, an increasingly important component of the MPS system is having a tracking software program in place that enables the provider to monitor clients’ systems remotely, alerting them to potential misfeeds or low toner, thereby averting work stoppage at your business. As an example, we can tell from our office in Elk Grove Village, IL if a customer in Iowa, Kentucky, or even Florida is having a lot of misfeeds, or when their toner levels are low. This information enables us to serve customers pro-actively.

Also critical to a comprehensive MPS program is a dealer who has at minimum one technician on staff qualified to repair printers – and dedicated specifically to that task.

Additionally, look for an MPS dealer with an investment in inventory. Nothing kills a business relationship quicker than having to say “sorry, it’s back-ordered.” Inventory should always be sufficiently stocked to accommodate your immediate needs.

When all is said and done, an MPS program is a necessary step forward in a changing industry – by working with a dealer who can anticipate and immediately accommodate your document solutions needs, your staff will experience less stress and your business can enjoy increased efficiency.

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