Hitec-Imaging to Withdraw from OPC Production

Hologic Hitec-Imaging GmbH (Hitec-Imaging) announced its withdrawal from the OPC market and has scheduled a step-by-step departure. As was stated by Managing Director Bart Vaessen, “One of the oldest, high-quality OPC producers in the market and the only remaining OPC manufacturer in the western world” will leave this segment.

According to Mr. Vaessen, decreasing print volumes and a vast amount of overcapacity worldwide OPC drums production have created a high-volume, low priced spectrum in the OPC market place. These factors are additional reasons supporting the company’s decision to retreat from its OPC manufacturing operations.

Mr. Vaessen added, “The company plans to re-focus its resources on the market leading activities of selenium drum production as well as the service and systems business of our Technical Engineering Group.” Hitec-Imaging will completely stop manufacturing products toward the end of the second quarter of 2014.

Mr. Vaessen also expressed the company’s gratitude to customers and business partners for their long standing relationship over the years.

For more information, please visit www.hitec-imaging.de

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