Good Customer Service Doesn’t Stop at the Sale

Good Customer Service Doesn’t Stop at the Sale

Good Customer Service Doesn’t Stop at the Sale

Good Customer Service Doesn’t Stop at the SaleMore and more, customers are sick of feeling like just another sale. They want to buy from a company that actually cares about their needs. Aomya is showing they understand this by providing excellent after-sale service.

Aomya claims it has a reputation for fast, friendly and helpful customer service. A spokesperson said, “Advancements in 4/5G have benefitted all of us. Our engineers can easily guide customers to use our products without issues, and our after-sales team can quickly address any customer enquiries.” Customers consistently give good feedback to the famous after-sales team.

Good Customer Service Doesn’t Stop at the SaleAdditionally, Aomya provides an extensive OEM service for the convenience of customers. The company offers not only the packaged product but also the specific inkjet ink for specific machines. Customers can easily source the goods they need, whenever and wherever, with the help of Aomya. Subsidiary enterprises in Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Bangladesh also mean that available products are suitable for the local market.

Responding to current trends of customer values, Aomya is also environmentally conscious. The company has passed the ISO 14001:20004 environmental management system certification, which entails screening raw materials, strict control of environmental protection and a high standard for discharge of finished products. Ink packages are made with recycled material, and all dyes/pigments are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Customers appreciate this because it shows an understanding of their needs.

Aomya is famous for its after-sales team, but they prove that understanding customer needs when researching and developing is beneficial for all. Customers know they are valued and listened to even after the sale is completed, and Aomya continues to build great industry relationships.

About Aomya

Aomya is a one-stop solution producer of inkjet ink and cartridges. The high-tech developer and manufacturer’s wide product range includes full coverage of EPSON, CANON, HP and BROTHER desktop printer ink lines. Aomya also provides related accessories and OEM service.



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  1. Michael Garske
    Michael Garske says:

    Followed the instructions to the letter. The cartridge dried up and doesn’t print. Unable to clean or get any ink from cartridge. In theory, your product sounds great. In practice, it’s messy and doesn’t work.


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