G&G Surprises Istanbul University Over Quality Results

G&G Surprises Istanbul University Over Quality Results

G&G has surprised the chief printing officers (CPOs) in the İstanbul University Faculty of Medicine in Turkey, with unexpected quality prints from their printers.

G&G Surprises İstanbul University

Since September 2020, G&G has been providing the İstanbul Faculty of Medicine with premium replacement toner cartridges for use in their HP printers.

G&G Surprises İstanbul University

“The print quality surprised us. We are happy to use G&G products when we need to print teaching materials. Up to now, the prints produced by G&G supplies have been flawless, and we have never found any pesky problems,” said Onder Ozsoysal, one of the veteran staff in the teaching faculty.

Another CPO, professor Fatih Kukaraci, also expressed his surprise. “G&G didn’t upset us at all. Our hospital is very busy due to the pandemic. By using its cartridges with long lifetime and reliable quality, we get more prints than usual at this intensity,” said Fatih. He is very satisfied with the products and service offered by G&G, which help him a lot in educating students.

G&G Surprises İstanbul University

It is said that G&G-branded supplies have been recognized by CPOs in Germany, South Korea and Turkey from different industries. “We will continue to provide good service and solutions for customers in a vertical market,” said a spokesperson from G&G.

For more information, please contact marketing_center@ggimage.com.

Previously, Ninestar brand G&G released jumbo toner cartridges for HP W1105/1106/1107 Series. It is said that the jumbo cartridges come with page yields varying from 2 to 5 times to the standard-yield cartridges, offering users a more competitive cost per page. Meanwhile, the new release also delivers exceptional and consistent performance.



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