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Office Depot Launches New Business Services Platform

Office Depot Launches BizBox to Help Customers Start, Grow and Succeed

Office Depot launches a new business services platform BizBox (

This platform will provide start-ups and small business leaders access to the core services needed to start and grow their businesses through a convenient subscription with monthly services starting at $99. BizBox will simplify business decisions and operations for all small and medium-size businesses.

The BizBox platform builds upon Office Depot’s previously announced acquisition of CompuCom Systems, Inc. and is an important part of the company’s strategic transformation from a traditional office products retailer to a broader business services platform.

“Office Depot has been a partner and resource for small business owners since 1986. We have the ability to reach nine million small business customers through our touch points around the country. Uniting this deep expertise with the world-class IT services of CompuCom will help solve customer problems in a way few others are doing right now,” said Gerry Smith, chief executive officer for Office Depot, Inc. “The BizBox platform is an essential element of our commitment to innovation. We are energized to expand a business ecosystem of services, products and technology that builds on our legacy of helping small business owners succeed in a modern economy.”

Whether navigating the waters of payroll and HR or embarking on a first-time digital campaign, BizBox members will have access to experts who help identify services suited to their unique needs, better streamlining operations and freeing up valuable time to focus on the real business of innovation and growth. End-to-end services include:


Email Marketing and CRM

Payroll and HR

Search Marketing

Asset Management

Social Marketing

Legal Services

Logo Design

Website Creation and Hosting

Technical Services (available soon)

A recent Office Depot study of 1,500 small business and start-up owners shows that although digital services such as e-mail marketing, website creation and social marketing are seen as the top services needed to grow a business, many respondents aren’t using these services. Nearly one-third of established businesses in the survey do not have a website, and over half do not do any kind of social marketing at all.

“It’s not surprising small business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t always using the very services that would best help them drive growth. We know from talking to them every day they feel pulled in a million directions, and often don’t know where to turn for support for all their needs,” said Kevin Moffitt, chief digital officer for Office Depot, Inc. “BizBox is a platform designed to help reduce some of the stress and barriers that prevent entrepreneurs from turning their ideas into reality, and is the first service of its kind backed by the business expertise of a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.”

The BizBox platform will be enhanced with new features and services based on customer feedback and demand, including introduction into retail stores.

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