G&G Offers Business Inkjet Alternatives for Ricoh Printers

G&G Offers Business Inkjet Alternatives for Ricoh Printers

G&G Offers Business Inkjet Alternatives for Ricoh PrintersAccording to G&G, patented replacement inkjet cartridges are available for use in Ricoh GC42/51 series.

G&G, the well-known brand of China-based Ninestar Image,  claims that the new release comes up with a newly designed patent structure. Utilizing quality its Everbrite ink, G&G boasts that the patent replacement inkjet cartridges can print sharp text and vivid color.

In addition, the Apex chip is embedded to reveal real-time ink levels to enhance the end-user experience.

“The new patented replacement inkjet cartridges can provide non-fading, waterproof, smudge-resistant outputs, without clogging of print head,” said the spokesman from the company.

Production List

G&G Offers Business Inkjet Alternatives for Ricoh Printers

For more information, please contact info@ggimage.com.

About the Ricoh Printer

In 2021, Ricoh released desktop printers SG 5200 in March targeting the Japanese market and SG 3210 in April within the European market. Featuring up to 30 ppm, this series can easily meet the printing need of home offices and small businesses.

Previously, G&G released patented toner cartridges for use in Xerox 6022 & 6510 series printers. G&G claimed that the new releases come up with patented inside structure design and appearance design. The new patented toner cartridges are said to be 100% compatible with printers, delivering stable and outstanding printing performance.

In 2015, targeting the home office and small office, Xerox introduced Phaser 6022 series A4 color printers featuring up to 18 ppm. Dell 1250 series devices employ the same engines that are used in Xerox Phaser 6022 series. In 2016, Xerox released Phaser 6510 series A4 color printers for small and medium-sized working groups. With up to 30 ppm, the monthly volume of this series can reach 5,000 pages. Xerox Phaser 6510 series also share the engines with Dell S2825 series devices.



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