G&G Invites Audiences to Dive into New Penguin Adventure

G&G Invites Audiences to Dive into New Penguin Adventure

Following the success of its debut animation, “Holiday Photos,” G&G once again invites audiences into the enchanting world of Emperor Penguin, Greg, and Grace, the lovable penguin characters that captured hearts in their first adventure.

For over two decades, G&G has proudly embraced the emperor penguin as its trusted mascot, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to delivering superior printing experiences while caring for the environment. Just as these resilient creatures brave the elements of Antarctica, G&G’s printing solutions have withstood the test of time, offering customers affordable, simple, reliable, efficient, and sustainable products and services.

The release of its highly anticipated second animation draws on Lily Dell’s expertise once again to bring Emperor Penguin, Greg, and Grace to life, infusing the short film with a blend of creativity, humor, and warmth. In “Gone Fishing,” viewers are again transported to the captivating world of Antarctica, where G&G’s penguin mascots experience tension, confrontation, and problem-solving in another delightful adventure.

As the penguins’ printing adventure unfolds, viewers are treated to a celebration of G&G’s brand proposition. The film showcases G&G’s dedication to delivering a unique and excellent printing experience through continuous R&D and innovation.

“We are excited to unveil ‘Gone Fishing,’ our latest animated short film,” says Adam Miao, Global Branding Director at G&G. “With this film, we not only entertain but also emphasize our unwavering commitment to providing gold-standard printing solutions. G&G’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction shines through in every frame, underscoring our mission to deliver printing experiences that exceed expectations.”

G&G Invites Audiences to Dive into New Penguin Adventure

Viewers are invited to join Emperor Penguin, Greg, and Grace as they navigate the challenges of printing perfection on their whimsical and printing-inspired “Gone Fishing” experience. G&G’s animated short films can be viewed here. G&G doesn’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to immerse themselves in this delightful fusion of Antarctic wonders and printing brilliance.



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