G&G High Yield Cartridges Print 5% to 10% More

G&G High Yield Cartridges Print 5% to 10% More

G&G High Yield Cartridges Print 5% to 10% More

G&G High Yield Cartridges Print 5% to 10% MoreChina-based Ninestar Corporation‘s brand G&G claims its high yield cartridges deliver stable and consistent printouts along with a 5% to 10% higher page yield than stated.

G&G also claims its high yield cartridges have a great track record of reliability according to lab tests and reports from its global customers. (Watch the video below)

“Our high-yield category has been a favourite of many users. Great quality is made, not born. At G&G, quality lies in the details,” said a G&G spokesperson.


“Taking the G&G CF237 high yield cartridge as an example, it has overcome the tricky technological barriers and makes a perfect high yield cartridge,” the spokesperson added.


According to G&G, the replacement CF237 consists of toner powder, doctor blade (DB), primary charge roller (PCR), organic photo-conductor drum (OPC drum), wiper blade (WB), magnetic roller (MR) and etc., totalling over 40 different components. Considering the complicated parts, high-capacity toner powder, high-speed printer output (up to 75 ppm) and non-infringing patent design, G&G engineers found it very hard for the replacement CF237 to run stably and continuously. The extensive product testing and customer survey enable G&G to spot the following quality failures that are commonly found in the marketing alternatives:

  1. Chip failure meaning there is inaccurate monitoring of toner status
  2. Low image density
  3. Toner leakage
  4. Vertical lines and horizontal lines

G&G Solution:

Through constant testing and technology improvement, G&G solved the above-mentioned problems by:

  1. Using specially made magnetic rollers (MRs): The MR is one of the components that has the greatest influence on the printout blackness. G&G’s bespoke MRs improved wearability by increasing the thickness and roughness of the black coating compared to the traditional ones. G&G ensures consistent blackness on printed results from start to finish.
  2. Employing innovative, patented gear design coupled with high-precision plastic parts This guarantees smooth operation inside the printer and reduces the horizontal lines caused by toner cartridge Further, adding cleaning assembly to PCR effectively decrease the vertical lines and low image density caused by poor electric conduction.
  3. Sealing with automated machines to eliminate toner leakage caused by manual error.
  4. Apex chip to ensure a precise monitoring of the supply status.

According to G&G, its replacement high yield cartridges are compatible with the following OEM models:

  • Mono:
    HP Q5942A/X, Q1338A, Q1339A, Q5945A, CC364A/X, CE390A/X, CF281A/X, CF237A/X/Y, W1470A/X/Y, W9040MC; Canon CRG039/H, T03.
  • Color:
    HP CF360~3A/X, CF450~3A/CF460~3X/CF470~3X, CE270~3A/CE740~3A, CE250~3A, CE260~3A, W2120~3A/X; Canon CRG-064/H, T10/LBKCMY.

For further information, please contact info@ggimage.com.



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